Horse safety for Kids

Having grown up in the world of horses I was blessed to be exposed to some of the best trainers and horseman of the times. Today, we have so many Clinicians with so many ideas on training and horsemanship but, the one thing that is missed so often today is safety and common sense handling for you and the horse. Specifically for kids. There is a foundation where it all starts and that is on the ground. I was shown at a VERY young age Do`s and Don`ts, like where to stand when near a horse, where to lead from and how to maintain safe positioning, I cringe everytime I see some kid leading a horse walking directly in front of them with lead rope dangling or looped in their hand? small things matter when things go wrong.  Also how to safely tie a horse, for his safety and yours. It really bothers me to see time and time again horse people and even the clinicians make very basic mistakes in how they "work" around a horse, mistakes that as a kid I got some pretty good lectures and whoopins over and also saw some bad wrecks. Maybe thats why it sticks! So I am going to give my 2 cents worth and why, start simple and start with the basics.

Rule #1 - First and foremost Never tie a horse that has not been properly TRAINED to tie, there is a process when you tie for the first time, that subject later.   For safety I prefer to make my tie at the horses eye level or above "prefer above eye level". ONLY tie with a good fitting halter and good lead. Never a bridle, rein or tie down, nor a loose fitting halter. 

               * Never tie long? meanining the rope length needs to be at a length that just allows the horse to stand comfortably with head level or just slightly elevated. The old saying "give enough rope to hang yer self applies"  Always look for hazards not only in front but behind horse, in case he does set back or spook? once they pull back the next place they go is forward. The more tie length they have the more room and momentum they will have which is not good. so look at area. The reason for tying high is for keeping head and nose up in the event they pull back and if they should sit down or fall backwards it will help to keep them from possibly getting a foot over tie. 

                  * Never tie with hard knot or something that will tighten if they pull back, Preferred is a running bolin which can be easily loosened , splip knot Ok? can jerk the tail and untie in a emergency, but so can most of my horses? haha!

                   * Never tie to unsecured items? If you tie to fence, tie to the upright posts not the rails, panels CAN unhinge and come apart, never tie around wire.

Well, thats my 2 cents worth for today more later!!! Your opinions are Welcome! 


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