The Turkey and various birds have been coming daily and leaving me their feathers, I can`t let them go to waste. So, this is..."How to paint a Feather" from someone that knows very little? Lol!   1st. make sure they are fairly dust free then spay with an acrylic finish front and back, this will give your paint a better bond and it will keep feathers from seperating while you paint. 2nd. I painted a window of base color then shaded some color for my skyline, as a wood carver I had to work my scenes from the forefront and carve my way to the background? In painting it is opposite, I work from back to front. I do believe less is more, keep it simple and when done lightly spray again to seal your artwork and protect.  It has been a fun project, and the dropped feathers I have collected will live on. If anyone has any added advice feel free to post!