Funky Rustic Collections of a hopelessly Chronic Crafter

Me - Painter,  Woodcarver and Collector of  Stuff 
Sonny - My Cowboy and partner in crime for 34+ years
Miss Kitty - The shop schedule revolves around her domain
Rowdy and Ruger - The reason I take breaks!
My Horses - The reason I work after retiring!

Hickerbilly Art by Kathy Adamson,  Formerly from Missouri but now I have marked one off my Bucket List and living in mountains of Northern New Mexico!! I try to offer a unique collection of handmade,  western and cowboy decor,  rustic furnishings,  log cabin and lake decor created using a variety of techniques and resources.  My work is more about enjoying the process!  Finding unique "previously enjoyed" items to repurpose and designing original work. "One of a kind,  one at a time"  is what I enjoy.  I owned and operated Woodland Carvings for 30+ years,  woodcarving and fine wood working in hardwoods and exotics was the norm. Now,  retired from carving due to Arthritis I continue to use techniques acquired thru years of painting and finishing my woodcarvings while also experimenting with new mediums.  I still have that need to create,  some are failures some are not,  I will let you be the judge?  Rest assured,  I enjoy what I do now and I hope you enjoy this  "hickerbilly's Art!

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